Can Art be the key to unlocking learning in adults? 



Don't go on a guilt trip if you need some alone time. According to studies, adults who indulge in artistic endeavours have a lower chance of cognitive decline. It's okay to pull back from duties, especially in today's world, where adults can quickly feel overwhelmed. Prioritizing your mental health is necessary because a good mental state is a lot more efficient at handling work & family chores.   


As adults, many activities are available to engage in to unwind and calm one's mind, for instance, taking a lovely walk outside, reading a book, practicing yoga, meditating, etc. While all these are great options, engaging in arts and crafts brings an additional element to the mix, they mentally stimulate while calming the mind.  

According to American Academy of Neurology research, participating in creative and social activities lowers adults' cognitive impairment risk. These activities include drawing, painting, colouring, writing, and crafts.   


By their very nature, arts and crafts engage the mind, thus forming an excellent tool for diversion therapy to help you take your mind off the negative thoughts. But the advantages of arts and crafts go beyond just being fun and relaxing.  


Let's look at the advantages of arts and crafts for adults and why you should indulge in them more.  


It Aids in Coping with Depression, Anxiety, and Stress  

Drawing and writing are examples of activities that allow for expression.  

Two beautiful tools that relieve stress and are immensely rewarding.   


The activity you choose is of little significance. What is essential is to let go of the creativity in you. Immersing yourself in these activities allows your creative side to take the lead rather than the logical side. Once completed, it leaves you refreshed and feeling new.  


So, let's begin creating to relieve the stress.   

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Enhances Your Self-Esteem  
Art infuses a sense of pride. It delivers a sense of
accomplishment as the resulting artwork is an outcome of your brainchild - right from conceptualization to execution. Arts and crafts thus are great tools to boost an individual's morale and confidence - the much-needed feeling to battle stress and obstacles. 

Improves Fine Motor Skills and May Help with Relieving rheumatoid pain  


Arts and crafts for reducing pain from rheumatoid arthritis?   

Are you serious?  


Yes, we are. It works on two levels.  

One, Art and Crafts calm the mind, facilitating a better blood flow across the nervous system. The most impacted areas are the hands, fingers and wrists, which, in turn, eases rheumatoid pain. Reduces emotional stress, a by-product of indulging in Art and crafts; it also helps reduce physical pain.   

On the other hand, indulging in Art and crafts can enhance motor skills. A must-do activity for those suffering from neurological disorders or facing challenges performing delicate tasks. Arts and crafts activities engage both mind & body, promoting fine motor skills and strengthening the hands.   


Diamond dotting or painting are excellent activities to undertake to enhance your motor skills, and it also helps ease arthritic discomfort.  




Promotes Interaction  

Art & Crafts are a great way to communicate. They are a visual expression of our thoughts and ideas. Engaging in them allows people to express their innermost fears and insecurities. At times they find expression in reflection of thoughts and sometimes help highlight the positivity drowned in the layers of stress.  

In either case, it enables them to deal with challenges, look at stress in the face, and feel much more energized with positive energy.   


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Adopt any Art & Craft. Time to give yourself a break. Some time to reenergize yourself.  

Allow your imagination to run wild, pick your tool - painting, sketching, or crafting, and prioritize your well-being - mind and body.  


Build, make, or craft something today.   

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