About DoodleDash

The DoodleDash range of products is primarily designed to cater to children’s stationery and hobby needs, often taking their interest to later growing years. Some of the products also find favour into later teens or even further into the realms of serious hobbies.

So DoodleDash is not only a companion for growing years…from the age of developing motor skills to the romance of creative learning, it also continues to redefine art and craft in the world of grown ups.

Oh there is so much that you can do with these media and so much more that these can do to your imagination.

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Are you an iconic national or international retailer looking to add DoodleDash to your customer offering? We’re welcoming B2B enquiries globally from businesses that uphold and share our brand values.

If this sounds like your business, please send your enquiry to DoodleDash@impactworldwide.in